Every Super Hero has a sidekick. Why shouldn’t you!

Zypher helps UI designers get quality feedback from their clients and peers in a secure environment.


Create your own. Collaborate and contribute with others.

Team members can be contributors or observers.

Markers indicate shots with revisions


Show. Get Feedback. Revise. Ship!

Export Tasks to Things


Stay up-to-date with Push notifications, not emails.

Emails for feedback have cluttered your inbox for far too long. It’s time to switch to a cleaner and more manageable option.

Is my data secure?

Security Filters

Zypher was designed with security as one of the foundation pillars. We made sure shots are only accessible from within the app and by your teams. Unauthorized requests are instantly filtered out and never reach our servers.

Secured Socket Layers

All your interactions with the Zypher Service, as well as third party services we rely on, happens only over SSL. Our API has been designed to not be available over unprotected mediums entirely.

Unique Key Signing

All requests are uniquely signed using keys assigned to your account. These keys are only available to your devices. The keys are used as trust certificates so we know only your team & you are accessing your data.

Zypher also integrates withsome of the Mac & iOS apps you’ve come to love.

Skala View for iPhone

Copy your live design to your iPhone’s clipboard in Skala. Zypher knows when you have a shot ready for some feedback.

Things for iPhone

Export your tasks to Things for iPhone. You can sync the tasks to Things for Mac, and takes only a few seconds to export.

Dropbox (coming soon)

Add shots to your project. Start off on your feedback round. We’ll back up the shot to your dropbox in the background.

Grab the app from the App Store.